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Hi Monday touchies
Playoffs and finals are here God willing. Please find attached the league results, tables, score grids and playoffs games for Monday. The one result I don't have is the game Kiwi Dragons ladies v Stingers. I have assumed it went to form with a win to KD and set the playoff places accordingly. Apologies to Stingers if I have underestimated them and if they actually won, then there will obviously be different fixtures for the women's div. 1.

Anyway for the rest of you , please check that the scores I received from the refs for week 7 have been accurately recorded and teams are appropriately placed in the final league tables.

All the best to the Welsh teams who are going off to Europe next week to compete in the European Nations Championship. Come home with a few wins under your belts and the Champion nation Status.

Tournaments locally are being offered in the near future by the Welsh ladies team and another side called the Funky Munkys are also intending to set up a weekend one off tourney for those interested. I will pass on the details in another e mail.

In september we will be running another Autumn twilight series running for the weeks of September and the first week in October probably on a Wednesday night when Llandaff North are not training so that we can use their pitches. More to come on that but please let me know if you would be interested in entering a side for that.

It may seem from this extensive list that we have a wealth of referees and true to say we do. But they all lead busy lives and can't all be there at once. that is why we rely on the input of players who chip in with refereeing and add so much to the competition such as Steven Mogsy Morgan of the Durkas. they have 5 sides in again this year and qualify as the biggest 'club'. Kevin Hobbs and Gareth Revell of the raptors have already proved their worth with refereeing games at the 8 pm slot. O smith of Kiwi Dragons has helped out along with Dafydd Tanner of the Dazbos, Spiro of Jugs & balls, gavin Jones of the warpigs, Mike jones of Wasps, Nicky Morgan of Sarries and grant livingstone. Its this willingness to fill the gap and try their hand with the whistle that has already ensured that games go ahead. We do appreciate that the games are being refereed well and without them the comp would not have got off to a great start. many thanks to you all. Please continue to offer your services.

Finally, thanks to all the teams who have played this year, captains for organising their sides and referees for being so superb with their time. It has been another successful season. If you haven't made the playoffs but are keen to come down and play a friendly then feel free to use the pitches not in use for the knockout games.

Trophies will be awarded in the Llandaff North Bar at 9.15 after the finals. Please feel free to shower and change if you find waiting a chore. The bar staff will be happy to have your custom, so bring some money to spend over the bar. Individual plates will be awarded to the players of the winning team and a single plate will be presented to the losing finalist captain. Captains will be expected to say a few words or designate a player to do so on reception of their trophies.

In the meantime, I trust the Lord God continues to shine his face upon us, bless us with good health and the company of good freinds.

Regards and God's blessings
Dave Swain